Coronavirus Vaccination

As you will have seen in the papers and on television, we are now offering the Coronavirus Vaccine to our most vulnerable older patients as part of a national campaign to prioritise those most at risk from the virus. We will be doing this in partnership with other local GP Practices at:

The Waldron Health Centre, Amersham Vale, London SE14 6LD 


Older patients are acknowledged to be most at risk from Corona Virus and in line with government guidance, we will first offer vaccinations to patients aged over 80 years then in descending five year age bands (75-80 year olds; 70-75 year olds; 65-70 year olds; and then those under 65 years considered to be at risk). Under 65s who are not in the at-risk categories will be offered the Corona Virus vaccine but this will be subject to vaccine supply and is therefore likely to be later in the vaccination campaign.  

There will be a separate Corona Virus Vaccination programme for patients in Care Homes and who are registered as House Bound. Patients and Care Homes will be contacted once that programme is ready to start.

As your GP practice, we will do our very best to get as many patients vaccinated as soon as possible. 

Please don’t contact us looking to make an appointment we will be offering appointments to everyone but we are seeking to vaccinate those lost at risk in line with government guidance 

Thank you for your support and understanding in these challenging times.

Published: Jan 7, 2021