Patient Participation Group




About the PPG

The Patients Participation Group is a group of patients from the Practice who meet regularly and are here to represent your interests.  The group work closely with the practice staff to resolve issues raised by patients and to enhance the services offered where possible.  The forum can also be referred to as a Patient Reference Group.

We are interested in your opinions on our service and your perceptions of our practice and staff.

We have set up the Patient Participation Group so that you can have your say in this if you wish.  We will contact members via email with short surveys from time to time, to find out your opinions on subjects such care quality and practice procedures.

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How does the PPG work?

The Group meet up to four times a year and members are asked to put forward any items for discussion and take part in person or by email.

Members are able to have an input in decision making, alert the practice to any problems and suggest change for improvement if they believe it will help the patients and the practice.

We would like members from all ages, cultural groups, working backgrounds and all levels of health and fitness to join our group,if you are keen to join our group please complete this form